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snape piccy and PERTH YAY

RARARA my snape senses are tingling. ive been drawing him like an artist possesed (i guess im just bracing myself for the blow of the book) im going to miss reading stuff about snape. i only hope that his fandom doesnt die down when the series ends.

heres an image i did in 40 minutes in PS. i was feeling sad about the end so this came out. if snape would ever cry, he would prolly look like this


anyways. im going out to perth tomorrow to meet up with some Tafe buddies, cos i ordered some Astro boy comics (my GOD i love astro boy...and anything by osamu tezuka, hes a god)


also i have been spoiled for mostly all the good parts in the book (thanx carrot XD) but im happy cos it makes me want to read it more.


Hey! I don't know you (but I saw an entry of you at the Deathly Hallows spoilercommunity), and I had to say I love your Snape art :) Great work!
aw thankyou! :D
I didn't even think you used this LJ account xD I was actually going to purge today and this one was gonna go *wipes sweat off brow* ah well. glad to see ya here, hun <33
I'm trying to avoid a lot of places on the internet, since I don't want the book spoiled for me. :S

Nice picture BTW Snape is a saaad panda.
hahah! had my book spoiled, but in a pretty way! I do like this Snape, so much feeling, you can't tell why is the tear for: himself, Dumbledore, life? ahhh we will miss Harry Potter books
I... I...
But I love Snape more... And my love for Snape burns like a thousand supernovas.
Snape's too much of a man to cry D:! He'd make faces, get quietly drunk and wake up the next morning and take it out on his students :/
Saw your entry over at spoil_me_DH and wanted to look at your other artwork. Mind if I rec some people this way (after this weekend of course)?
sure you can :D
I have to friend you. Your art is utterly amazing. The pic in the post is so full of feeling it makes me want to cry with him!
that drawing is like crazy good
I had just read the sadness....
and then found this pic.
Beautiful. I am near tears again.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Aw, your picture is perfect and you made me cry again :(
I saw your art somewhere through all the DH links XD It's amazing. I don't think his fandom following will die down, if anything, I thinkn DH made him a stronger and more likeable character. :D

Also, do you mind if I add you?
sure you can :3
Cool. :D
Your Snape is so adorable. I just love your style! ♥ Is it allowed to make icons of your art?
sure you can make icons :D if you would like to see more art, just go to www.snapesnogger.deviantart.com
Hey, I've been following your work for a while now, and I wanted to say I love it! Your art rocks your snape is sooo cute, I just love him. :D
This is a step up from your other work.
Congrats, I hope to see more work like THIS on your DA gallery.


Nice work!

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